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Fire.  High Rise.  Wind.  A lethal combination

High-rise fires are among the most technically complex and deadly situations for firefighters.  Add wind to the equation, and a high rise, wind driven fire becomes even more difficult and dangerous.  Normaily, we associate “wind driven” with brush fires, but wind driven has even greater implications in structural fires.  Wind as little as 10 mph can cause rapid fire progression in a structure.  It was such a situation that was the inspiration for creating the K.O. Fire Curtain.   A November, 1994 fire in which two civilians lost their lives and numerous firefighters suffered burns provided the impetus for the K.O. fire curtain concept.

The K.O. Fire Curtain is a wind control device (WCD), deployed from the floor above the fire that limits the impact of the wind.   The K.O. Fire Curtain is essentially a curtain of fire-resistant material that is unrolled over a window opening to block wind coming in through the window.

Through a number of studies (please see Studies page) it was ascertained that WCD’s minimized the winds impact on fire spread throughout the structure.

Built by the fire fighters of today for the fire fighters of tomorrow, the K.O. Fire Curtain is the next generation of combating structural fires fueled by wind.