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The K.O. Fire Curtain packed and rolled is 6” in Diameter 36” in length.
When opened. K.O. Fire Curtain measures 78” wide and 96” in length.


HOT-STOP® 1500 L 27.5 oz/sq yd. with application of a Proprietary coating resulting in three points of enhancements:

  1. Increased abrasion resistance of the fibers for long term durability.
  2. Fills in the low points in the fabric weave to increase blocking air permeability.
  3. It further reinforces the adhesion of the Hot Stop high temperature treatment that adds durability.
        A. 3” reflective stripe runs from corner to corner and top to bottom on the outward surface stitched with 304 stainless steel thread.


The bars are 6061 high temperature aluminum. The aluminum is 2” wide before fabrication ¼” thick and 36” long. Curtain consists of six bars fabricated to 34 ¼” x 1” x ¼” thickness. A ¼” x 1” x 1 ½” push on rectangular cap is inserted over the 1” end to protect material from sharp ends on bar.


Three HS-TS Stainless steel torque hinges are attached to two bars with a blind button stainless steel rivet (1/8” x 0.500). The bars are inserted into pockets of Hot Stop 1550 L at back of curtain. Pockets are placed at top 48” down to middle and at bottom. Both sets of top and bottom bars will have 5/8” holes 16” from each end to attach deployment lines accompanied by ¾” stainless steel hog rings.

Deployment lines:

Two 30 ft. lengths of patented HT2 ropes. HT2 is both abrasion resistant and fireproof. An outer braid of specially blended aramid fiber provides durability, abrasion and cut resistance. An inner core or proprietary treated HOT-STOP® rope maintains a steady state temperature of 1200F with a melting point of 2080F. Once temperature exceeds 650F the rope inner core remains as the line maintaining its’ strength and flexibility at working temperatures of 1200F. HT2 has a minimum burst strength of 650 psi. Deployment lines are attached with hog rings. Both upper and lower deployment lines have a stainless steel carabineer attached at midpoint (15 ft.) to assist in deployment of curtain.

“F” Type in Bag

“F” Type no Bag

“F” Type unrolled - folded

“F” Type folded - measures 39”

“F” Type unfolded - measures 78”

“F” Type unrolled - unfolded with bag